Blake Kuwahara

Blake Kuwahara
July 30, 2017 Karir
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In January of 2015, Karir was lucky enough to host the North American launch of Blake’s personal collection-Blake Kuwahara. He was already an internationally acclaimed designer and creator for the brand Kata and collaborated on such brands as John Varvados, Carolina Herrera and Coach. His personal collection is designed slightly out of selfishness. He felt like something was missing for himself and his close group of friends who are mostly artistic but required something still understated and wearable.

The inspiration for the collection comes from a shopping excursion. He came across an old Chinese wooden stool that had been encased in a clear lucite block. The frames are meant to be classical on the inside and a bit more artful on the outside. It’s about taking two frames and laminating them together. The inside shapes are classic and the outside frames give them more character. From far away you only see the inside silhouette and as you get closer you can see the totality of the frame.

The original collection started with just 100 sets for the world. There were 9 shapes and 4 colors each. One set took 2 full weeks to complete. 2 years later, the collection has grown to add a few more shapes and colors including some metal frames. The design is the same. We now have a very limited edition collection of 4 shapes that Blake calls his “personal” collection. These are shapes designed for himself that he would wear. They are finished with Sterling Silver details.

We are asked quite often how you can tell the difference between an inexpensive frame and a high quality, handmade product. One of the truths is in the touch. When you pick these up and feel them in our hands you won’t be able to compare them to another. Come and take the test with us! You won’t be disappointed.


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