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  • Zeiss Digital Lenses

    It’s September! All the students are back to school and it’s a good time to talk about the Digital lens from Zeiss. We are spending more time then ever staring at our digital devices ie. cellphones, tablets and computer screens, and it is causing tired eyes, stiff necks and lots of headaches! The Digital lens will provide stress-free vision when you rapidly shift your gaze from near to far and back again. We want your eyes to feel relaxed and fresh after a long day in front of you digital screens.

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  • August Sunglass Sale

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  • Yohji Yamamoto Exclusively at Karir

    We are excited to present the latest collection from Yohji Yamamoto exclusively in our stores. Yamamoto is an influential Japanese designer known for his avant-garde style which is well represented in his latest collection of sunglasses. Although Yamamoto has dabbled in the optical world in the past with other designers such as Alain Mikli, we feel that this collection is a true representation of his brand.

    The collection features oversized shapes with an interesting twist and most lenses offer frosted mirror coatings. Check them out in our First Canadian Place and Yorkville locations.

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  • National Sunglasses Day

    We are happy to celebrate National Sunglasses Day at Karir Eyewear! We want to see all of you out and about in all your fantastic sunglasses today. It’s not too late to get a great pair for summer. The first long weekend is just upon us and we all deserve a little bit of fashion and protection from the sunshine. Thank you too all of our above friends and fans for sharing their sunglass styles with us!

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  • Oprah in Sospiri

    We have spotted Oprah Winfrey sporting the Sospiri model Asia at the 70th Annual Tony Awards at the Beacon Theatre on June 12 in New York City! This model is originally intended as a sunglass but has made an excellent choice as an optical frame on her. We can help you create your own look by advising you if a sunglass model will work as an optical frame.

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